Engineer’s Guide to Financial Internet

This book wasn’t born as an attempt to predict the future. It was born as a consequence, as a result, of solving the problem. The problem of the cumbersomeness of today’s financial systems.

There are thousands of systems in the world; most of them are proprietary, have no specifications or APIs, and only a limited number of people know how to support them. The development of such systems more resembles craftsmanship than technology.

Throughout four years, we had been executing projects, stepping on rakes, analyzing, and improving—eventually, we came up with the approaches and with our global mission.

This book is the result of this work. We defined the scope of our vision, wrote it down, and documented all the approaches applied. They might not be the best, but they work in practice today. Essentially, what we produced is a kind of a set of blueprints about how to build accounting systems in the internet age that must use cryptography.

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